Brock Lesnar Turns Heads, A Cyberbullying App Nears Release, Plus Nuns Choke Guys With Rosaries This Week in Martial Arts

Brock Lesnar (Fox Sports)
(Fox Sports)

Indianapolis! If you’re there in April, swing by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and check out my yoga seminar.

Galesburg! Central Illinois martial arts competitors need to be in Galesburg for the 2015 GAMA Open Championship Tournament. Master Aaron is a great friend of mine whose heart eclipses anyone else in my book. This year, the academy is making two great efforts. They have established a scholarship in honor of a family very close to him, and they will be making a donating to on behalf of another family who lost their son. We talked several weeks ago, and I could tell he was racking his brain over how to help. I’m glad he was able to come up with this plan.

Ever see a nun use a rosary to choke a guy out? Neither did I until my friend Karl Houck shared this video with me. I was confirmed in the Catholic church, and at no part during my education was any of this material introduced. It would have made CCD a hell of a lot more interesting, that’s for sure.

Brock Lesnar at UFC 2/28/15
(Fox Sports)

Former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar will be “anywhere he damn well pleases,” according to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s on-screen – and by many accounts, off-screen – advocate, Paul Heyman. You see, Lesnar dropped by UFC 184 this past weekend, apparently turning a lot of heads within WWE, for whom he performs and whose top championship he holds, and Heyman was addressing rumors about Lesnar’s future. “At Brock’s age and with his past medical history, I’d recommend him to re-sign with WWE,” writes Jim Ross.

Before there was Brock Lesnar, there was Theodore Roosevelt. Wait, what? It’s true. Most martial artists who do some research discover the 26th president loved martial arts, but it took me awhile to find out just how much. Fightland’s Sarah Kurchak pulls from many sources to illustrate the mixed martial arts of Teddy Roosevelt, which included boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

The problem with gun disarms is they’re usually lacking context, says author Kris Wilder. “Every situation is different,” he says, “yet all too many martial artists treat them all the same. Context is king.”

The first training photos of wrestler-turned-fighter CM Punk emerged this week. These photos emerged a few weeks after a WWE doctor filed a lawsuit against Punk and his friend Colt Cabana. This year could be a tumultuous one for the former WWE Champion, to say the least.

A new app has been developed to combat cyberbullying. StopIt lets children reach out to trusted adults when they receive a threatening Facebook or text message, for example. “With Stop!t they can hit a button, and off goes a report where they can make a difference,” Schobel said to FastCompany, “maybe even save a life.”

Shaolin monk in London
(Carl Court/Getty Images)

Several Shaolin monks posed for pictures this week in London, England. Check out Metro’s gallery to see some of them.

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