What I’ve been doing lately

I feel a compulsive need to show some love to my own blog, so I thought I’d share an update about what I’ve been doing lately.

I spent a considerable amount of time revamping the new Metamora Martial Arts website. The site is now a blog using WordPress. I’ve found it’s an uphill battle to get people to comment on blogs, but I’m hoping I can finally break through that “comment barrier” with this site.

Since I can’t give back to the program by being an instructor due to my school schedule, one of the ways I thought I could give back was to spread our online presence.

Speaking of martial arts, tai chi is going well. It’s an honor to train with such talented and eager people.

The spring semester – my last spring semester – has gotten off to a good start. None of my classes are overwhelming (yet) so that’s a good sign, though I am only taking 13 hours and 4 classes instead of the 14 hours and 6 classes I took last semester.

My senior capstone interactive media class should be a unique challenge. I’ll be writing a blog for Bradley University’s original production of America Live, as well as with doing work on the show. I’ve never done a theatre show, so I’m looking forward to the challenges it will present. My class is full of talented individuals who will work well together as a team.

I’m taking three other classes. One is a communication theory class, another is a magazine production class in which we will produce our own pilot issue with a business plan and the last is a search engine optimization class. In there, we will be developing a site all about app reviews and how-tos.

I thought I had my next semester all planned, but it seems like my future keeps changing by the day. I was set to quit the grocery store before the summer started, but it looks like I’ll still be there. I had a tentative class schedule laid out for fall, my last semester, but the classes I want to take seem to change on a daily basis anymore.

And then there’s grad school. I’ll really start to hone in on what programs I’d be interested in – some kind of involvement with interactive media and journalism – and where I’d like to go this summer as I prepare to take the GRE. But I’m not sure what exactly I want to do after I get out, which may be a problem for finding some concentration while in graduate school.

Add that on figuring out what I want to do between December 2011 and fall 2012 when most schools accept new applicants, and I’m quite a quandary.

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By Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler is a B2B marketing professional, a black belt martial arts instructor, DDP Yoga instructor, and a personal trainer.

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  1. You will figure it all out. As for me, I am up in the air about where to live, where to apply, and where I see myself in the next few years.

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