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About DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga is yoga for people that wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.

Founded by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga combines the best of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy, and dynamic resistance to create an amazing fitness program that…

  • gives you a killer cardio workout!
  • increases your flexibility!
  • strengthens your core muscles!

All with minimal joint impact!

That’s because DDP Yoga contains no running, no jumping, and no lifting!

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This workout is great if you’re beginning yoga or you’re more experienced because I will help you make this workout as easy or as challenging as you’d like.

Get started with me at Metamora Parks & Recreation in Metamora to own your life!

Adam Bockler leads class as the DDP Yoga Performance Center
Leading class at the DDP Yoga Performance Center in Smyrna, GA


Real DDP Yoga Reviews

DDP Yoga Builds Strength

“DDP Yoga! It’s what you make of it — great for building strength and stretching muscles we don’t even think of! Every time I’m glad I came ” – Lori Walker 


DDP Yoga Is For Guys, Too

“My wife convinced me to try this with her. I was skeptical at first, thinking it would be all stretching. But this class works all parts of the body and Adam gives you alternative moves so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want.” – Chad L.


DDP Yoga Helps Alleviate Back And Neck Pain

“The stretching and symmetry of a yoga session is what brought me to Adam’s DDP Yoga. I run 4-6 miles a few times a week and have done so for years, but want to add another workout to help with balance, muscle symmetry and stretching (I don’t consistently stretch after a run). I’ve felt physically challenged at each of Adam’s DDP Yoga sessions, but not too sore afterward. I’ve noticed less stiffness in my neck and back. I recommend DDP Yoga with Adam Bockler.” – Tiffany Stanley

“Has helped my back issues!!” – Delaine Dehm


DDP Yoga Increases Balance, Flexibility, Tone, and Strength

“I first caught DDP Yoga on an episode of Shark Tank. I was immediately smitten with the concept but historically speaking, I’m terrible doing workout videos even while in the comfort of my own home. Enter Adam! I heard he was offering a class through our local park district and I was in. I loved the class for its variety and pace but most of all I LOVED how it made me feel. Increased flexibility & balance! More tone & strength! Looking forward to my next round of DDP with Adam!” – Dawn Deeb


DDP Yoga Helps With Fibromyalgia

“This is now the 3rd session of DDP Yoga that I’ve taken with Adam Bockler! I’ve tried other yoga, but this routine really stretches my muscles to keep them feeling relaxed. I’ve also noticed increased strength in my arms and legs. I’ve implemented some the arm work in my day-to-day activities to keep them loose. I have fibromyalgia, so this has helped me tremendously. As a side note – we have a lot of fun!!” – Karen Gansch

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DDP Yoga Classes in Central Illinois


Adam Bockler - DDP Yoga Instructor in Illinois
Credit: Steve Yu, DDP Yoga Performance Center

About Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler is a certified DDP Yoga Level 1 instructor and a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. 

He began practicing DDP Yoga in 2013 to supplement his martial arts training. Since then, he has found DDP Yoga beneficial for flexibility and strength. 

Outside of DDP Yoga, Adam has practiced martial arts since 2003. He’s achieved a second-degree black belt and has been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame three times. Adam is also a graduate of the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy and performs as professional wrestler Sensei Bock.

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