#emailmarketingfail: All About Me!

Friday morning, 8:33 a.m.

If you were wondering which email prompted me to start this series, this is it.

I get an email with a decent subject line, one that lets me know what the sender is trying to get me to download. Fair enough.

Truth be told, I don’t remember how I got on this list. I know I was on a call with these folks at one point talking about a potential partnership, but I can’t recall exactly what I would’ve converted on their site for. Maybe nothing. Maybe they just used my email that I submitted for the calendar invite, and that was “permission” enough to get signed up for their email marketing pieces.



At least he got my name right.

I keep getting asked for a copy of an outline of a talk I gave recently on why and how e-learning will change so much in the coming year.

Let’s rewrite this piece, shall we?


Dude, I gave the greatest presentation ever. I’m not even kidding. Seriously, you should ask me about it and be cool like the other two people that did at the conference.

Nah, man, thanks, but I’ve gotta get goi-

But wait, I’m not through gloating about my talk. I mean, it was sooooo good. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

Okay, so what’s in it for me?

Well. Uh. I mean, it’s this talk that I gave recently on why I think this e-learning will change.

So, do you have any statistics to back it up in this email?

You’ve gotta download the report first.

You want me to download a report without giving me any reason why other than that you claim people are clamoring for it?

Well, yeah. I mean, “Hallelujah!” is in the title of the report. That’s what people were saying after I gave this talk.

Yeah. No.


  1. Be able to answer “What’s in it for me?” on behalf of the person you’re sending it to.

By Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler is a B2B marketing professional, a black belt martial arts instructor, DDP Yoga instructor, and a personal trainer.