New articles in Bradley Hilltopics, Winter 2012 edition

Bradley Hilltopics - Winter 2012 coverI wrote a few weeks ago about the Pi Phi video I posted about a few weeks ago. The winter 2012 edition of Bradley Hilltopics is finally out, so I can share the companion piece to that video which talks more about the groundbreaking.

Bradley Hilltopics: New kids on the block

I’m excited that as my internship with Hilltopics comes to an end, I’ve finally gotten a write-up printed in the physical magazine itself, instead of my usual Web extra. It hadn’t been something I was really concerned about since my role was more with the social media aspect of the magazine, though I’m really glad I was able to land an article in a print edition. I wrote about Tom Vilsack for class in a longer article, and I was happy when my editor asked me to write something up for the magazine. I just wish, during the editing process, I’d paid a little more attention and not used Vilsack’s full name twice.

Bradley Hilltopics: Agriculture secretary stresses farm bill’s impact

Also, I wrote here about Dr. Bob McChesney’s lecture at Bradley in October. Thankfully, I was able to write something a little different for the magazine.

Bradley Hilltopics: Saving journalism

Finally, I wanted to point to another cool article in our magazine I had nothing to do with. My friend Eric Johnsen and mentor Jim Ferolo created an iPad app that helps Bradley student admissions representatives on their campus tours in what is believe to be the first app of its kind on a college campus.

Bradley Hilltopics: iPad technology enhances Admissions tours

By Adam Bockler

Adam Bockler is a B2B marketing professional, a black belt martial arts instructor, DDP Yoga instructor, and a personal trainer.