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America Live

America Live was a collaborative, interactive performance set in a television game show, in which members of the studio audience were invited to participate and be a part of the show.

My main responsibility was overseeing the production cycle of the six commercials that were included in the performance.

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Mobile App College

Developed using Drupal, this site's goal is to drive traffic to our website with search engine optimization in mind. Mobile App College features app reviews for Android and iOS devices from a college student's perspective.

Here, my roles were to review apps and to edit app reviews submitted by other members of the class.

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Android grant

Bradley Hilltopics - summer 2011

Bradley University interactive media department wins copy of Unity

Bradley Hilltopics

Summer 2011

IM dept wins Android grant

igniting an interest

Bradley Hilltopics - spring 2011

Bradley chemistry club performs has performed of science since 2007

Bradley Hilltopics (w/ Ashley Huston)

Spring 2011

Igniting an interest

Ken Maurer retires

Read my article on MTHS superintendent Ken Maurer's retirement

The outgoing MTHS superintendent reflects on 41 years in education

Class: COM 307 - Feature Writing

November 2010

Read more about Ken Maurer

Read even more about Ken Maurer

Marijuana use in students

Read my article on marijuana use among high school students

A complete web package probing marijuana use in high schools

2nd place - iBradley Media Festival2nd place - iBradley Media Festival, Interactive category

Class: COM 360 - Digital Journalism

May 2010

Read and watch student/faculty opinions

Journal: Dublin, Ireland

Read my journals from Ireland

Armed with a camera and a laptop, my observations from the Emerald Isle

Class: ENG 300 - Travel Writing

May-June 2010

Delve into my journal from Dublin

Metamora Martial Arts

Check out the Metamora Martial Arts website

A Wordpress that I contribute to and maintain

Client: Joe Chianakas, chief instructor


Visit the blog

For sale: Ronald McDonald

Read my article on a man wanting sell a Ronald McDonald statue

One local man valiantly tries to get rid of his fiberglass statue

Class: COM 307 - Feature Writing

September 2010

Why Ronald would be a good buy

Flower and Willow

Read a collaborative research paper on virtual worlds

Building community in Second Life

Class: MM 444 - Field Research Methods in Virtual Worlds

May 2009

Learn how virtual worlds build community

CSS Zen Garden

Check out my CSS Zen Garden site

Demonstrates the power of CSS

Class: IM 365 - Designing for the World Wide Web

September 2009

What you can do with CSS

The earth wakes up again

Watch my video on spring at Bradley University

Spring returns to Bradley University

Class: COM 360 - Digital Journalism / Also used by Bradley Hilltopics

April 2010

Learn about how BU gets its flowers

Egyptian Bug Slayer

Check out the Egyptian Bug Slayer design document

Wading through the process of creating an Android game

Class: IM 313 - Intermediate Authoring for Interactive Media

Spring 2010

Read the design document (PDF)

Creative GraphFX

Visit Heidi Landex, graphic designer

A showcase of someone's work

Client: Heidi Landes, graphic designer

January 2010

View Heidi's portfolio

Blog design

Check out my mock blog

A mock blog that uses print and mobile stylesheets

Class: IM 365 - Designing for the World Wide Web

November 2009

Check out the blog

Centaur magazine layout

Look at my magazine layout

A little bit of history about the Centaur font in a magazine spread

Class: ART 205 - Typographic Design

December 2008

Learn more about Centaur (PDF)