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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is probably the largest page I've put together so far for IM 365. The assignment was to make a blog that looked good on a monitor, of course, but also could be printed, and could be viewed on a mobile phone.

I had difficulty getting the mobile style sheet to work correctly, but one does exist and can be found in the source.

  Screen Print Handheld
Sketches Screen - sketch Print - sketch Handheld - sketch
Wifreframe Screen - wireframe Print - wireframe Handheld - wireframe
Mockup Screen - mockup Print - mockup Handheld - mockup
Tag Dissection Screen - tags Print - tags Handheld - tags

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DX and Ricky Hatton fend off The Big Show

Monday, November 9, 2009

I was going to just make this a play-by-play about what happened on RAW. But my friend Justin invited me to watch this at his house, and I thought it would be a great idea to join him if not for the show, but the witty commentary he provides during the show.

That said, aside from what happened on RAW, here are my and Justin's thoughts on the show. Justin consented to his quotes being used for this - he even encouraged it.

Entries are broken up by segments.

Guest host boxer Ricky Hatton is introduced and talks about how great it is to host RAW before being interrupted by the Unified Tag Team Champions, Jeri-Show. They rip on Hatton before DX comes out.

"Duct tape and camo pants. Nobody's seeing that guy's legs tonight," says Justin regarding HBK's attire.

HBK punches Jericho outta the ring, and Big Show challenges all three while taking off his suit jacket.

"Give him time to roll up his sleeves, untie his tie, we don't want an incident."

Show pretends like he's going to fight before leaving the ring.

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Kelly Kelly falls short to Alicia Fox

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kelly Kelly comes out with Gail Gim after footage from last week's battle royal. Maybe we'll find out why Gail is with Kelly. Oh wait, they're on the same team for Survivor Series. They show a graphic for the 10-Diva elimination match at the pay-per-view.

"That's gonna be the greatest match ever."

Kelly and Alicia stand toe-to-toe. "Look at 'em squeezing tits together!"

Kelly gets the advantage early on. "Thank God we Tivo'd this so we can pause it when Kelly Kelly puts her crotch in Alicia Fox's face."

For as hard as Kelly tries, you can tell her opponents really do a lot of the work, too. "I don't know if even their looks can make up for how shitty of wrestlers there are."

Alicia rolls Kelly up for a near-fall, but Kelly kicks out. "Thank God that Asian's there to give her support."

Despite Kim's support, Alicia gets the win anyway.

Backstage, Hatton shakes hands with some people and runs into John Cena, who talks with Hatton's kid.

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Sheamus dominates a British champion

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sheamus vs. a local guy, who I found out later through Pro Wrestling Insider is LDN Wrestling British Heavyweight Champion David DeVille.

Sheamus is on Team Miz, against Team Morrison.

"It's bad when the gray of the ring is tanner than your body. Maybe he's got cancer or some shit."

Sheamus just dominates this guy. Nice for Sheamus and DeVille to get time on a WWE screen, but I wonder if he'll lose any face when going back to defend his title.

He debuts a halfway Border Cross and Razor's Edge that looks pretty cool.

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Lawler stays casual, Santino plays the same role, and Miz distracts Swagger

Monday, November 9, 2009

After commercial, they show the King and Michael Cole.

"Dude, if the guy next to you wears a nice suit (Michael Cole), and you're wearing a fucking t-shirt with a crown on it (Jerry The King Lawler)…get the fuck out."

Backstage with the Bellas and Hatton, then Santino shows up as Ricky Fatton. Chavo interrupts, and Ricky Hatton makes a match between him and Chavo.

Then, we see the Miz get interrupted by Jack Swagger and they argue about who will be the captain of Team Miz at Survivor Series.

Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger

I think the Miz/Morrison elimination match will be the best match of the night…tons of awesome talent working in that match.

Swagger dominates Bourne for most of the match.

"Is this guy a wrestler or did they just pick this asshole outta the crowd? Cuz…he's not doing anything."

Man I'd love to see Evan Bourne vs. AJ Styles.

Miz's music plays, and Justin goes, "Aw man, somebody's gonna ruin the goddamn match. It wouldn't be RAW if one match didn't get ruined."

Bourne picks up the win with Airbourne at the aid of Miz's distraction.

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The VIP Lounge sets up Orton vs. Henry

Monday, November 9, 2009

MVP has Mark Henry in the VIP Lounge. Glad to see their makeshift tag team didn't totally get abandoned in their quest against Jeri-Show.

Justin compared Kofi Kingston's Survivor Series team to the Mad Real World on Chappelle's Show with four black guys and a white guy.

Kofi joins them and I'm guessing they talked about Survivor Series, Randy Orton, and Legacy. I missed most of it, having to tell Justin about how Bragging Rights was all about brand supremacy, and Survivor Series throws that idea out the window with inter-brand teams. Then Legacy comes out.

"MVP's VIP Lounge. Sounds like a shitty show that's on MTV right now."

Orton and Co. rip on these guys, and Justin calls it the most racist thing he's ever seen since it was three white guys talking down to three black guys.

After the break, it's Henry vs. Orton.

"I see Mark Henry is doing No Shave November with that grizzly-ass beard."

For the record, dude, he's had that thing for a few years.

Orton picks up the win with the RKO, and then attacks Kofi Kingston afterwards, but Kingston gets him out of the ring.

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Boxer vs. Wrestler

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chavo craftily tries to avoid Hatton, but Hatton eventually knocks him out. And what a punch that was. Realest punch in wrestling in a long time, I'd say.

Backstage, John Cena is palling around with Hornswoggle, before hiding him when DX comes in.

We see a recap from last week's RAW's Got Talent segment with the Osbournes and the Great Khali. I didn't know he'd come back from India yet.

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D-Generation X vs. Jeri-Show

Monday, November 9, 2009

John Cena comes out to join Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary. Justin thinks John Cena should suggest to the King that he buy a suit to match Vintage Michael Cole.

Cena's commentary just sounds so forced here, taking it so seriously. It's like he's combining the roles of the commentator and the color guy. Pick a job, John.

The match itself is kind of so-so. A Jeri-Show beatdown on Triple H until he makes the hot tag to HBK, who Justin had confused with Bret Michaels earlier. "Oh, well, he looks like a Bret."

HBK gets the pin on Y2J after Show accidentally punched him.

The show ends promoting Undertaker and Cena taking on Jeri-Show and DX next week at Madison Square Garden. The Undertaker then comes out amidst pillars of flames and smoke, as per usual. But somehow, it never gets less exciting for me.

Sweet, pushing a maybe-fun match on free TV makes me look forward to next week's show.

That wraps it up for RAW this week. Perhaps more wrestling shows are in store with Justin.

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