About Adam

I'm a student

Originally studying only interactive media, I later turned my attention journalism and the wider spectrum of communications. Both industries are dependent on another, and I'm learning to discover ways in which we interact with technology and what those effects may mean for us.

I'm a martial artist

Since 2003, I've studied karate and have since earned my second-degree black belt with Metamora Martial Arts. I'm also taking tai chi chuan. My three main instructors collectively have more than 100 years of knowledge. In addition to karate and tai chi chuan, I've studied tae kwon do, judo and Extreme Martial Arts (XMA).

I'm a writer

Whether it's a blog post about sports-entertainers getting fined for a steel chair shot to the head or a research paper discussing the consequences of propaganda in the Egyptian revolution, I like to write. I enjoy reading what other people have to say, making sense of the and presenting what I feel are the main points of both sides in a clear, concise manner. In April 2011, I was invited to DePauw University to present research I did regarding digital media relying on long-held laws and court rulings.

I'm a speaker

As a martial artist, I've taught students for more than five years, as well as hosted seminars and demonstrations promoting self-defense and positive attitude. As a student, I've been invited to speak to high school communications students and was one of three selected to speak to alumni from the Bradley University Department of Interactive Media regarding the same work that DePauw invited me to present.

Adam Bockler at work